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© 2023 BY  BONGFRESH. 


Our Dream

        The BongFresh story begins back in 2015. Marco and Mike initially met while working in the automotive industry. Sharing similar passions, they would pass the time at work by discussing business ideas, based on products they felt they could improve on. One day, Marco approached Mike with an idea; “Let's develop a versatile glass cleaning tool, and combine that with an All Natural glass cleaning solution, which will address the growing number of unique waterpipe designs, and complexities". The idea had never been done before. And from there, the BongFresh idea was created!

     The goal was simple, to provide users with a variety of cleaning options, designed, and manufactured, specifically for water pipes;  glass, silicone, quartz, metal and plastic. Combining their backgrounds in Engineering and Business, the two spent years developing and testing products, until the Tiki Cleaning Tool was born. The first multi-tool cleaner, and all natural cleaning solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

Our Mission

To lead change by designing, and manufacturing, innovative products for the cannabis industry.

Our Vision

BongFresh has set out to become an innovator in the cannabis industry through the design of ecologically safe cleaning methods and practices. Our focus is to promote, and educate, on the benefits of safe cleaning methods.

Expression & Integrity

     From the beginning, our goal has been to create a brand that encompasses our beliefs; honesty, integrity, quality, a commitment to our customers and overall happiness! Each individual who purchases a BongFresh product, or who supports the BongFresh brand, is a member of our FAMILY! And we are driven to ensure we provide each of them with a memorable experience. 


BongFresh is committed to providing customers with safe and effective cleaning products. For this reason, we have manufactured, designed, and tested our products to meet and exceed all Governmental Regulations (Canada & USA). Please review the following Government and Third Party agencies BongFresh complies with.  

Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act

Consumer Product Safety Act